Healio Announces New Collaboration with Women in Medicine

February 9, 2022


Thorofare, NJ — Healio’s Women in Oncology announced today that it has joined forces with Women in Medicine (WIM), a nonprofit organization, to launch a collaborative blog.

The written platform will feature the ideas, thoughts, and experiences of women physicians on topics relevant to their clinical practice or daily life. The initiative aims to be inclusive of all female physicians, from those just starting their careers but making great strides, all the way to the most senior and experienced leaders in oncology.

“Healio launched Women in Oncology, with the goal to celebrate the accomplishments of women practitioners, while providing essential insights to help them overcome any unique challenges they may encounter,” said Joan-Marie Stiglich, ELS, Healio’s Chief Content Officer. “This partnership with WIM, will help us further this initiative and provide women who work in medicine a space to share their experiences.”

Women in Medicine is a nonprofit organization that was established to provide continuing medical education for a national community of women. The organization features the yearly Women in Medicine Summit (WIMS), first held in 2019.

“Given the similarities in our goals and motivations, it only made sense for WIM to combine efforts and join forces with Healio’s Women in Oncology,” said Shikha Jain, MD, FACP, Consulting Medical Editor for Women in Oncology and Founder of Women in Medicine. “The hope is that with this new collaboration, we will be able to further amplify the voices of women in medicine to a much broader audience.”

To learn more visit the Women in Oncology/Women in Medicine Blog on Healio, or view the blog on the WIMS site. To contribute to the blog email our editor, Sasha Todak at [email protected].


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