Healio/Endocrine Today Celebrates 20 Years

April 18, 2022

Thorofare, NJ — Healio is proud to announce that this year marks the 20th anniversary of Healio/Endocrine Today. The first issue of Endocrine Today was published in February 2003, as the earliest clinical newspaper dedicated to diabetes and endocrinology. Since then, the field of endocrinology has undergone immense change.

“I am incredibly proud of the work and dedication our Co-editors and board members have put into this publication over the past two decades,” said Joan-Marie Stiglich, ELS, Chief Content Officer of Healio. “We continually strive to be the global, definitive information source for endocrine professionals.”

In a year-long celebration of the anniversary, Healio/Endocrine Today will be sharing major milestones, innovations and challenges in endocrinology over the past two decades.

“For somebody who’s been in this space for 50 years, the last 20 years have been unbelievable in terms of the pace of change, the impact of that change and what is now possible with respect to changing outcomes in diabetes writ large,” Healio/Endocrine Today Co-Editor James R. Gavin III, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Emory University and Chief Medical Officer of Healing Our Village, told Endocrine Today.

Throughout the year Healio/Endocrine Today will be publishing interviews with key opinion leaders and editorial board members on topics including:

  • Evolving diabetes therapies
  • Changes in obesity management
  • Recent advances in thyroid cancer
  • Osteoporosis prevention

To contribute an important innovation or milestone in endocrinology from the past 20 years, please email the editors at [email protected].


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