Healio Strategic Solutions Launches Convenient, Short-Form Learning Tool for Active Physicians

February 16, 2023

[Thorofare, NJ] February 2023 Healio Strategic Solutions (HSS), a Wyanoke Group company, announces the launch of its newest Deep Engagement Solutions product, QuikQuiz™, a short-form educational tool designed for healthcare professionals (HCPs) to complete between patient appointments.

With QuikQuiz™, busy HCPs can gain valuable insights into disease states, treatments, and pharmaceutical brands within 10 minutes. Six custom questions are posed along with concise rationales for each correct answer. QuikQuiz™ provides HCPs with a flexible learning experience, autogenerating a “pick up where you left off” email if a user must exit the quiz prematurely. “Brand teams are searching for faster-to-market options with less MLR burden. At HSS, we’re able to adapt to client needs. We’re excited to bring QuikQuiz™ to teams who need a customized brand experience and a quick turnaround time”, shared Matt Dechen, VP of Deep Engagement & Custom Solutions.

QuikQuiz™ is an important addition to the Deep Engagement Solutions suite of products. “Every product we develop aligns with our ultimate goal: to provide pharma marketers with unique ways to foster HCP engagement with their brand. We created QuikQuiz™ to offer our clients a quick-hit solution that fits the lifestyles of today’s HCPs. We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the healthcare space to ensure our products are on trend and effective,” said Matthew Holland, Chief Commercial Officer, Healio Strategic Solutions.

For more information on QuikQuiz™ or to learn more about our Deep Engagement Solutions, contact Matt Dechen, VP of Deep Engagement & Custom Solutions, at [email protected].


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