Healio “Wordle” medical word game debuts for HCPs and word gurus alike

March 2, 2022

Thorofare, NJ – Healio has launched its own medical twist on the popular game Wordle, which is now available on Healio.com. Like the wildly popular Wordle, Healio’s WORD DOC offers a fresh take on the game.

Healio is the first to market with a medical-style, Wordle spin-off.

“We are excited to be in this space and to be launching something akin to what is culturally trending. It’s integral to find ways to connect and relate to our medical community, now more than ever,” said Joan-Marie Stiglich, ELS, Chief Content Officer at Healio.

After the last few years, some light-hearted fun is well overdue for health care providers. WORD DOC will offer the practitioner the ability to decompress and dive into a friendly, stimulating game of “guess that medical word.”

“We want to be human with doctors. When people think of the medical space, they don’t generally think of gaming. WORD DOC gives us a way to connect with doctors in a non-traditional sense. It aligns with our continued efforts to strive for innovative ways to reach our physicians, even if it’s something non-clinical,” said Andrea Gaymon, MEd, UXC, Chief Experience Officer at Healio.

A WORD DOC a day keeps the doctor away? Not quite…

A-C-U-T-E? You guessed it. F-E-V-E-R? Hopefully – but only from a hot streak of correctly guessing medical terms. Healio is eager to provide the medical community with a much-needed outlet of excitement, knowledge, and the rare chance to connect medical terminology in a gaming setting.

With this venture, Healio continues a decade-long quest to provide innovative, top-tier ways of delivering content and education to the medical community. Along with WORD DOC, providers can find thousands of additional rich content resources, journals, and award-winning medical news coverage.

So, pull up a chair, take off the stethoscope and spell it out with WORD DOC. Healio hopes it’s just what the doctor prescribed. WORD DOC can be found at Healio.com/WordDoc.

For more information, visit Healio.com, or contact Sarah Graham, Creative Director, Marketing and Audience Development, at [email protected].


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