Wyanoke Group Releases Statement Regarding Diversity and Inclusion

June 10, 2020

Thorofare, NJ — Peter N. Slack, President and CEO of the Wyanoke Group, released this statement today after addressing employees via his weekly video.

The Wyanoke group firmly asserts the following:

We stand with those working for racial equality in America.

We disavow racism and the systemic issues that foster it in our communities.

We affirm that black lives matter.

We do not tolerate racism in our workplace.

We commit to becoming more diverse and inclusive and believe we will be a better company for it.

We believe these assertions reflect fundamental human principles. We regret that such a statement is even necessary. We are angry that it took the death of George Floyd, after so many others before him, to galvanize and move a nation to action. We are heartened that it has. We vow to pursue these ideals until they become every American’s reality.

In his video address, Slack shared initiatives he and the Wyanoke Group have and are continuing to take to help overcome injustices and inequality in the workplace. Reflecting on what the Wyanoke Group should be doing, Slack responded, “Right now, we need to talk to our [employees]. We need to hear what’s on their minds.”

In addition to listening and responding to employee feedback, the Wyanoke Group will be inviting employees to participate in groups to exchange ideas, learn and educate others on social issues in the workplace and beyond.

In summary Slack said, “There’s a sea change going on. There’s something going on right now that’s going to create change, and we want to be part of that change.”